Day One of living back home at Mom and Dad’s house. I don’t know what to think. I guess the hardest time to adjust would be the weekend, seeing’s how that’s when you don’t know what to do with yourself. But, I would be at home this weekend anyway’s just not knowing what to do too – so what’s the difference? smile

I look forward to have a pattern or structure for my life again. I guess whoever said “humans are creatures of habit” was correct, at least in my case. I look forward to riding a vanpool again. Getting to work at a consistent time each morning – knowing at the end of each day what time I’m going to leave. I like the idea of having my meetings to attend, consistently, and being able to prepare for them. Although there probably isn’t anyone who cares – I’m going to outline my week –

  • Be at the vanpool stop in Mooresville by 6:45 am. That means leaving Mom & Dad’s by no later than 6:30.
  • Get to work around 7:45 to 8 am (I think), eat breakfast, and begin my day, before the whole world shows up to interupt.
  • Lunch is always somewhere around noon. I have to admit I liked it so much better when I never had to stop and think about who I was going to lunch with. The past week each day I found myself at lunch time wondering if I’d be eating alone.
  • Be back at the vanpool stop around 5pm to be chauffered back to Mooresville – arrive at my car by about 5:45 or 6pm.
  • On regular nights I’ll head home (Statesville) from there. I’ll get there another 15 minutes later.
  • On meeting nights (Tuesday and Thursday) I’ll have dinner somewhere in Mooresville, most likely with whatever random book I’m reading at the moment in hand. At a little after 7 I head to the hall. I’ll make it home after the meeting.
  • And with that we start another day.

I have a couple of routine things I’ve gotten used to, and these to help form a sense of comfort around me. Monday nights I like to watch Ally McBeal.

Wednesday’s it Dawson’s Creek and Felicity or Jack n’ Jill – depending on what T.V. season it is. Friday’s unfortunately don’t have a T.V. show I like, maybe I’ll make it my routine to bring home a movie I want to see.

Saturday’s will be hard, just because during the winter I don’t like being outside. Better weather and I can take Danielle to the park to roller blade, or I want to buy a bike. But winter you’re inside and it’s easy to go stir crazy. I’ll probably start to go see a movie each

Saturday. Hmmm… do we make that Saturday matinee, or Saturday night? I used to see movies all the time alone.

Sunday’s I look forward to the meeting. I don’t know if we have morning or afternoon meeting… either way I don’t mind. I like listening to the talk – a fresh idea, something I haven’t already studied before coming in to sit down. And then the Watchtower study, questions and answers and discussion. The type of thing I thrive on. In my mind I’m bursting with comments and things to add.


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