MI2 & Vertical Limit

Last night Matthew brought home MI2 from the video store to watch. I haven’t seen it since I first saw it in the movie theater – that seems so long ago. I thought I would be grumpy, thinking about what I had way back then – and what I don’t right now. But instead I just thought about all that I have to look forward to. Not a bad thought.

Today I went to my meeting. I’m going to keep going to my hall in Mooresville. I think the brothers were pleased when I told them. It’s “home” to me. It’s nice looking around and seeing all the faces I know. Before the meeting Dad came with me to the house to get some stuff. My divorce papers were there waiting for me. I guess I’ll sign them and send them off tomorrow morning. Leaving the house, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. As for what, I don’t know. Life goes on.

The meeting was great. The talk was on Decisions, making them and living up to them. Always can count on the proper food at the proper time. I get a peace and contentment from being at the hall that I can’t match anywhere else. All things seem in proper order, and I know that everything is going to be okay.

Afterwards I went by Walmart & CVS, picked up a couple things I wanted and ate at Cracker Barrel. My appettite was back and I devoured my food. I even considered ordering a little more, but I wanted to catch the movie.

I saw Vertical Limit. Good movie, recommend it to all. Reminds me of my buddies. Made me wonder what Josh is up to. I think we should round up some friends and go backpacking come the change of the leaves this year. I’m looking forward to Dave coming around too. But all things in due time.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Feels almost like the first day of kindergarden.


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