Today was a good day.

So much happened today. Work was hairy, I went to the dentist, but my appointments not until next week – And I got lost in a city I’ve lived in for fourteen years, even though I knew the way. Last night I missed the exit to come home – I think I’m losing my mind!
I can’t help but kind of thrive on lots to do. But the thought of working “overtime” is new to me. We’ll see how much I can get done tomorrow.

Found out that my good friend is moving back home to Canada. His mom has skin cancer. You know how you meet people and you know that you’ll never know most of them for more than a little while… People come and go – but I realized I’ll really miss Darren. Someone who you can just talk to, just be yourself around. It just seems like it’s too soon for him to go.

Who will I nag with all my petty life problems?!

[RC] Glad to see life exists out there, was about to give up – Yeah, um, like I didn’t notice a certain person snuggled in there with all the other signifigant others… Hope I’ll get to hear about the mystery woman than that…


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