What I have

You know I had the most amazing thought earlier. I realized that my life is pretty great right now. All the things that people spend a lifetime trying to attain – I have. Yeah, I know, I don’t get to enjoy all the benefits – but I’ve got it all. And better than that, each day brings me a day closer to a full life – my full life.

I put in my BNL Rock Spec CD on the way home – I thought about good music and good friends. Old Apartment brought back a memory of the Quick Build in High Point. Alli and I were in the car with other girl friends heading to Greensboro to meet the guys for dinner. We picked apart the song discussing what we thought it all meant. That reminded me of just so many good memories.

One interesting thought: I wondered – What if one of my closest friends went to my hall. What would that have changed… would that have helped this long journey move any faster?


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