Tonight, tonight.

Well it’s funny. On the way to the hall tonight I was considering how it seems that you have to make a mistake to realize how right “right” is. Then the meeting just kind of confirmed that.

Any regrets Ang? Well yeah, I wish I would have gotten over not needing help earlier. I can’t believe that I gave up, and I can’t believe when I reach out that it’s too late.

I have a dream one day that life will great again. But where I used to have a picture to go with that, I have no longer. I want a picture of a future to look forward to. Yeah, I’m a “light at the end of the tunnel” type person.

Mom & Curt say take it one day at a time. OK. I’m taking it one day at a time. Today I was happy for the rain. I love how rain washes away everything and leaves everything fresh.

One thing I can look forward to – If only a consolation prize – A true friend, I believe, is something once found you never lose.


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