Many thoughts

So many thoughts… and I haven’t had any for days. Remembering them though is another thing.

Tonight this guy showed up at the hall. I took a double take thinking it was someone I knew. Nope, it wasn’t. Made me wonder why it wasn’t. Oh, well.

There was a statement I liked… something to the effect that their (Daniel and his friends) close friendships helped them endure. That among so many other thoughts just for me.

Work is hectic. Tomorrow I’m driving in so that I can stay to work late. I’ve never missed a deadline, and I don’t intend on doing so now. Ack!

Well, a last thought – My apologies to my friends I’ve been unable to keep up with lately. Yeah, you people who read my page everyday, give me a call, and I can’t even stop to talk, or breath. Be assured overall it’s a good thing. Being busy means doing good.

I had started a seperate page for thoughts just for me, but I don’t know that I’ll continue it. I don’t really have anything I can’t say “in front” of everybody. I hate the idea of “targeted audiences” anyways. These are just my thoughts folks, don’t overthink them!

Off to bed, good night all.


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