It’s easy.

“What have been thy answers? What but dark, Ambiguous, and with double sense deluding?” — Milton, Paradise Regained

You say its been too hard
You say its been too long
They say its all too much
The thrill has long been gone
Well I thought you could
Yes I thought you could
And you thought you could too

But its a place in time
Where the years behind are piled up high
But nevermind
Its time to crash and burn or fly
And I thought you could
You know I thought you could
You know I thought you could too

Some say easy come
Some say easy go
Some say time flies by too fast
Some say it drags on all to slow
Well I thought you could
You know I thought you could
And I thought I could too

But if you never find
The heart to start all over again
Remember I was the one
Who tried to be a friend to you
Well I know I tried
Yes you know I tried
And I know you tried too

Go to sleep now
Go on dream away
Isn’t easy is it babe?

And I hope
And I dream
And I pray
That sometime
We’ll find a way

— Concrete Blonde

Here’s to the unresolved ambiguousness. Time has dragged on too slow. We thought we could, I thought we could, and you thought we could too. I believed in “line six”, but now it’s a place in time where everything behind is piled up high. They say it’s all too much, that the thrill has long been gone.

When I get to start all over again, trust that I’ll remember that you’ve always been a friend to me.

But nows the time for you to sleep and dream away. Take a chance on love, take a chance on her. I don’t have to hope and pray that we’ll find a way – I know that I’ll find my way, and that you’ll still be there. Hey, maybe you’ll be married and an insurance salesman too. Is that so bad?

Let life live itself.


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