Tough days.

Deadline is looming. Tomorrow I have to have Module 1 & 2 of Investments 101 done and ready for review. 200 webpages formatted, and images throughout. Yikes! I think I’ll make it, but there were times this week when my stress level has been higher than I’ve ever experienced at work.

Yesterday I trained a guy to be webmaster of a site I designed. I had to go to the client and tell them that he wasn’t able to cut it. He got fired. I tried to see if Brian wanted the job, he decided to stay put. Now Margo is going to take it. I have to work with her tonight. The site goes live next Wednesday. More pressure.

Was in the office until 9pm last night. Dinner was Fuel Pizza on the cardboard box. Never made it home, yes, I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday! Tonight I’ll race up to “home” to shower, change and go to my meeting. I’ll stay at Margo’s house tonight to train her, and be closer to work in the morning. I need to find time to make it to my house soon – to pick up mail, and make sure all’s okay.

Life is good, I love working hard and running fast. It keeps me moving, and forward – which is the right direction!


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