well i was laying in bed, just finished a movie (the runaway bride) and thinking. Gee. Can we talk about life? It’s hard to plot my life recently. I’m divorced. That means I was married. Yes, I’m just figuring this out. What happened? Where are the past four years of my life?

I came across that thought thinking about laying on the couch, and wondering how I ended up here. Oh, here is just fine with me. As a matter of fact I realized driving home – if I got back in, like really soon for some unknown reason, I’d want to still live here.

so, anyways, i’ve been through a wringer of emotions today. from feeling exhausted and alone, to motivated to let down. felt like if i died today i would be okay. then feeling like i somehow have a chance. like i was forgiven.

the strangest thing is feeling the cold. i don’t know if it’s the winter or not. guess we’ll see.


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