i had lost my watch and my favorite sweatshirt. both very important to me. we found the watch. erin felt miserable thinking that she had lost it, and knowing my reaction to thinking it was gone.

the sweatshirt i don’t know.

on another note: work –
i worked all day wednesday then stayed until 9:30. never made it home. was up until 3:30am that “night”. worked all day and raced to the meeting – my mom meeting me with clothes for it, and for the next day. no shower. finally showered and helped teach margo until 1:30 am. worked friday 16 hours. was there until just about midnight. was up until 2:30 am. today I worked until 7:30pm, and I’m pretty much finished.

i’m exhausted. i’m tired. i wish i had someone to take care of me. to baby me.


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