Sometimes we walk

Sometimes we walk… those words have been haunting my mind for the past two days.

Sometimes we run away…

Isn’t it funny how life is so short, yet inevitably we end up spending at least some of that short time wishing time, life, away?

I’m wishing it were summer. I’m wishing for all the changes I expect to come with the spring. I’m wistful for the days when I can once again lay on the grass and feel the sun on my skin.

Another funny thing? I will spend all summer looking forward to the end of summer. To when Dave Matthews will come, and I will sit back and marvel at life at his feet. I hope to be amongst all the people I love, filled with a fullness, a freedom, I have yet to know.

Ah, but the irony? That Dave would tell me “the future is no place to place your better days”.

For so long I’ve wished away the days – and now I feel all the sudden as if they’re passing so fast, slipping so quickly between my fingers. I don’t mind as long as when these days I’m grasping to hold run out, that I have so many more to experience ahead of me, and so many to experience them with.


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