Miracle of birth

This was an excellent weekend. Saturday I slept in until 12:15 in the afternoon. Then I went to see “Save the Last Dance” with my mom. I took her to work afterwards and then headed into to Charlotte. I heard how gorgeous I looked (I was casually myself) and picked up a CD I wanted, and socks from the Gap. The only two things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Margo and I went to Margot’s house for a dinner party and had dinner. Nice quiet evening.
Then today I slept in again and got ready for my meeting. Right before I was to step out the door found out that my puppy was having puppies! It was hard to leave for the meeting then.
After the meeting then Margo and I went to see “The Wedding Planner” and then dinner at Mickey and Mooch’s. It was awesome. Talked about love and romance. Thinking wistfully about our futures. A glass of wine with dinner, carrot cake, and Bailey’s and coffee to cap it off. Nat King Cole reminding me that I’m Unforgetable, and Louis Armstrong telling the story of how it’s my wonderful night.

Danielle is the proud momma of four new puppies. Two black and two white. I don’t know how many are boys and how many are girls, and I’m sure I’m not going to get to keep them, but I was thinking that they’d be named “Ry”, “Cailyn”, “Sunny”, and “Midnight”. Ry and Sunny for the boys, Midnight can go either way, and Cailyn for a girl.


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