My adventure today…

I slept until 10AM which seemed to be a pretty good time to sleep in til. Lazed around for an hour before I headed out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I had Frech Toast – it was terrible. Very greasy like it’d been made like french fries.

I decided I’d wash my car since I was filling up my tank. I had to wait in line for 50 minutes, apparently everybody else thought it was a good idea today too. I pondered thoughts such as, is it better to leave your car running (while waiting in line) or to shut it off and restart (and the gas that uses)… and what is it with the natural compulsion to kiss in the car wash (assuming your with someone). I decided once I finally made it through the car wash line I’d get a Snickers bar, just because. I did. Tearing open the wrapper I was overwhelmed by the chocolate smell. I only finished half and gave the other half to Erin when I got home. Jersey Mike’s was right there, and I thought about the #5, extra mayo – but that’s crazy I thought, I’d just eaten, well actually it was almost an hour ago… I resisted and I think I’ll make that my dinner plans.

It’s such a nice day outside. When I got home I inspected the job the car wash did. Not bad. Until I saw the other side of the car. Hmmm… Out comes the hose and washing the car by hand. Matt helped. He said he had nothing better to do than to watch TV. I waxed it to. (Hey, I’ve got nothing better to do!) So now I’m thinking about that sub, and what I’ll do for the rest of the day (I don’t know). Guess I’m off to eat lunch!


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