I’m tired of this design, but I’m not going to change it tonight. I had a good day of programming at work and it’s time to relax. I just bought a new desk and need to put it together sometime this week. This weekend my grandparents were here, and we had a good time. I took them to Shogun’s Japanese Steakhouse and they loved it. A completely new experience for them. I bought. Then saturday morning we went to breakfast at Bob Evan’s and Curt & Trevor joined us. Curt paid for all of us. (That was way generous of him!)Curt, Trevor, Margo and I layed out and the guys got burned like lobsters. Margo and I were slightly, but not near as bad. A good weekend had by all, and now I’m off to Everquesting.
P.S. The brothers said they’d meet with me sometime this week. (It was never scheduled before.) Gerald said he’d let me know when at the meeting either Tues/Thurs. What is this, ten weeks later?


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