Obviously, really.

I’m up again. So many nights in a row. When am I going to sleep like a normal human being? Well since I’m up, and creativeless (at least when it comes to my personal site) I’ll turn my focus to a mental dump.

Work is interesting. Some people think I’m so awesome. Pulling off awesome designs in record breaking time. I put a design together in a couple of minutes, then turned that into a fuctioning site within the preceeding hour. On the other hand, I can’t get any respect from other people. Time to kick butt.

My shoulder hurts.

Ryan had said that he wanted us to be good friends. “And not just the kind that say ‘hi’ at the conventions”… hmmm… I think that’s what we are. Can’t say much more than I tried.
This weekend is the last softball game of the season. Part of me is relieved. No more worrying about hurrying off after the meeting on sunday to get there. The other part wonders what kind of interesting thing will I find to amuse myself with now?

I like structure way too much. I like having a routine, a pattern… knowing where I need to be and when. I even like doing the same thing over and over again. I miss going to a movie and dinner on Sunday. I miss my own little ritual of brunch before the meeting, and the time to study my Watchtower. Now I never get it studied. And I never eat breakfast. Ah, I am the creature of habit.

Life is going pretty well I must say. I feel happy and content. Not worrying, and waiting. Not anxious. I’m almost to the point where I’m rid of all the debt from my marriage, and I can start on building my own independant financial life again.

I love my new computer. I can finally work at home. Monday I get my new cable modem installed and I know I’m going to love that. Only thing is it’s pretty harsh when I realize I’m going to pay $600/yr. for internet access! Yikes!

I’ve been listening to my music more lately. Interesting thing – realizing that i’m listening to all women artists. Ani DiFranco, Natalie Umbruglia, Tori Amos, Dido, Fiona Apple and Faith Hill. The new Tori is awesome. “To Venus and Back”.

Tobey and I are going up to Indiana next weekend. We’re taking Danielle (my puppy) up to live with my cousin at his new house. Melissa, his wife, should be having a baby any day now.
OK I’m done. Now all I need is to design a decent, worthy site.


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