I used to be…

I used to be so private with my feelings. Never wanting the whole world to know, or my whole life to be presented as an open book.

This afternoon I was crying in Showmars. Trying to be subtle and unnoticed. (Hey, it was better than crying in the office.) But like anywhere I go people know me. The guy who runs the place called from over the counter, asking was I crying? Which of course calls the rest of the people’s attention to me. He offered ice cream. Oh, if only ice cream could make me all better.

I’ve always been one to look forward to the future. But right now it’s so nice in the present. I have a choice it seems to remain constantly living for today, which somehow never adds up to a tomorrow.

Some how I’m just stuck in the space between.

“The rain that falls
Splash in your heart…”
“…Why does it always rain on me?”


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