Guts – or the lack thereof…

I read bloggers. I sneak a peek into other people’s lives and feel like I connected with a stranger a world away. Sometimes you can feel like you know these people (and like them) more than the people who sit right next to you. It comes from the candid honesty that they bare their souls with in their writing. I on the other hand hide behind a wall, scared to be naked in front of those who read this page, and see me daily IRL (in real life). To those people I don’t want to be bared. Honestly, really, if I wanted to be seen so nakedly by those people, they would know me already.

So I envy those who write so candidly, so openly and allow me to walk right into their lives and minds through the wonders of the ink of the web. I love being met with a good story or inflection when I wonder my way onto their pages. And yet I must apologize for not providing the same.

I’ll tell you all a secret! I have a second journal, and nobody knows it but me.


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