Somebody has a case of the Monday’s…

This weekend was interesting. Saturday I went to a house party a friend of mine threw. It was a blast – was impressed by his setup, it was like being at a club. If you went downstairs to cool off you could see the floor bounce an inch or so. I danced pretty much the whole time, and probably losted 5 lbs. with as much as I was sweating. Yucky.

Sunday mom and I took a roadtrip out to the mountains. Strolled around downtown Hendersonville, and picked up an ice cream at the fudge shop. They had such an impressive array of chocolates I was so tempted to buy some sweets for my sweets, but not a chocolate fan!

The south hall’s meeting was at 4pm. Kevin Kilpatrick was there, my mom couldn’t remember who the Kilpatricks are… Met Chris, and later learned that he (25) is dating some (blonde) 16 year old. Mom said that she thought that I flustered him – that he kept catching my eye, etc. I just can’t believe that he would be dating someone that young – and that’s pretty much as far as that goes. Yes, he was cute. The guy who sat next to him was cute too, but he was 19, and headed to Bethel. That seems to be the way it goes. 🙂

Now it’s Monday morning, and I’m waiting for my breakfast buddy, and we’ll recap the weekend… Unless I get stood up.


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