Last night…

…I couldn’t sleep. Huge welt of anxiety I guess. Questioning self, life, and being alone.

Wondering how all of this (events of 9/11) plays into biblical prophecy. Praying that “the end of the world, as we know it” truly is on it’s way. Thinking how lonely it is to have so much going through my mind, and noone to share it with.

4:30 am. What am I doing still awake?

7:30 am. What am I doing awake, why can’t I sleep? Can’t I at least sleep for a while, then go to work? Drifting in and out. Terrible dreams about my personal life.

8 am-ish. Decide it’s time to give up, get up, and go to work.

3 pm. Decide that in everyway possible September 11th, 2001 marked the end of the world, as I know it. But I don’t know what’s next.


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