Sea Zone

My day’s usually start off with rolling out of bed being incrediably appalled at how late it is, and what time that means I’ll be getting to work… (“OMG it’s 9:30 ALREADY?”)
Then I get to work and start about my tasks… checking email, voicemail… Figuring out what I’m up to for the day. On an efficient day you’ll probably find me with my headphones on… Slightly away from the rest of the world and isolated from the madness close to me.
Then at some point, on some days, I go wandering the web to read about my close friends of so far, and not so close actually. But they feel close… They feel like friends… It feels like I know them. But lately this has become increasingly impossible.
Elisha, at, is registering a domain, at least her page tells me so, but I hear no update on her life… I don’t know how the apartment, and living with her fiancee is going. How’s that new major? How’s life? I wanna know.
Shaheen no longer speaks. Although the poem on her sight is amazing.
And David… seems like you’re suffering the same as I. But you can’t hide your journal, although the front entrance is closed, I still know the way… I think Anne (of Green Gables) referred to these people as kindred spirits.


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