Ok, you’ve complained, and I respond…

I’ve actually recieved complaints about not writing in here lately – so here I am…
I’m alive and busy – exhausted and drained most of the time though. I’m avoiding my mother, I really can’t handle the kinds of things she wants to lay on me right now. I talked to my sister the other day, and she was a tremendous help and support. Actually made me feel like we are really sisters… we’ve never really worked on that, note to self to do so.
I’ve been playing Everquest non-stop. I’m Cailynn on Terris-Thule, a level 45 rogue. I’m playing so I can get to go to the Shadow Council raids. It’s a warped kind of social life, but I like it. Amazing what you can do online, huh? I don’t have to be dressed, I don’t have to see these people IRL, and I don’t have to talk if I don’t want to.
That’s about it. Work is massively busy, and deadlines all over the place. The main contributing factor to being warn out and retreating into the online world.
Tonight I might go to a party, but I’m hesitant, I really don’t want to “deal” with anything, including being social. Hermits are us.


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