Strange thoughts…

Well I get harped on to write in here, apparently people read this thing (a whole 8.1 hits a day)…
Funny thing is, I never really intended for this to be read, and that’s what really keeps me from writing. Another side note, I was told once, that bloggers are only people writing depressing stuff, that there just aren’t bloggers with happy people ## Being the nonconformist I am, I decided I wasn’t going to be like that. Well, that kind of left me without anything to write about then!
New song I heard on the way home, Mourning by Tantric:
Is there something thatYou are trying to sayDon’t hold back nowIt’s been a long timeSince I felt this waySo don’t hold back nowI purposely forgot aboutLoving anyone’Cause I’m theOnly one who hasWho has been stepped uponIs there something thatYou are trying to say’Cause I can take it’Cause I grew upA man this wayAnd if I’m hurt I’ll shake itI’ll crawl back into my caveThat’s how I’ll make it’Cause out ofAll this hurt we haveBeauty thus becomeBeauty thus becomeIn the mourningI can see the sightsNo wonder I couldNever keep you satisfiedIn the mourningI can see insideMyself and all the thingsThat you were trying to hideWishing all the best for youAnd now I will say goodbye’Cause all the sh*t thatWe’ve been throughPut wisdom in my eyesSo walk awayDon’t turn around’Cause I won’tBe standing here’Cause all the lies thatI’ve been living throughAre becoming very clearAnd beauty thus becomeThen you conned meInto thinkingThat all I had was youThe small insinuationsWere cutting me throughCutting me throughAnd now I stand alone hereStronger than beforeAnd I’ll never go backNever go backNever go


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