The week in review…

Quite a week this has been. So much has happened, my retelling will be truncated, because to be honest, I’m so over it.
Monday started out the week. Went to see Spiderman again with a new friend. Ate at TGIFriday’s and OMG dinner was amazing. I had Monterrey Smoothered Chicken. And again I say, It was AMAZING! That was a nice relaxing goofing off kick back kind of night. Late to bed again.
Tuesday started the anxiety. I had the feeling that my plans for the Dave concert later that night were going to fall apart. I highly expected Josh to just mention at the last minute that he gave my ticket to someone else, that he would be “taking” someone else. Don’t know why I had the premonition, but I did. Turned out to be not so bad, he didn’t take my ticket, he took his cousins ticket. /sigh I felt sorry for the poor girl. She didn’t seem comfortable, or that she had a good time at all.

Crystal had friends, a couple, there and sat next to them, so I would have been sitting next to Josh or Britney (the girl) – I opted for an evening sans ackwardness. I asked Crys if she’d want to see if my “friend” was helping on this tour. Sure enough this guy I’d met three years prior was there, and we watched the concert from the soundstage. Best seats in the house. Bye, bye nose-bleeds!

As the conclusion to the evening, Josh snottily said that he wished we wouldn’t have left him the whole concert. I tried to offer a truce on what the the h3ll is going on here, and we talked for a sec after I dropped them off. Come on, I just want to have peace!

Wednesday was the EQ day. Played in my xp group and that caused a monsoon. I hate being treated special for being “Sunny’s Girl” mainly because it comes back to bite me in the arse. Its good when I’m the guild sweetheart, but when its used to point fingers it really bites. I guess that’s all I have to say about that. The end result. I’m exhausted/overwhelmed and don’t know what to think or say about all this stuff. That night lighting struck and my speakers ($$$) were blown. I’m going to replace them at lunch today so I can have sound tonight.

Thursday. /sigh. Again. Did I forget to mention that every day this week I’ve been in late, and swamped by work, barely getting by? No? Oh. Well. There, now its been said. So three o’clock Thursday I send Josh an email to confirm plans for the evening. Quick version he begs off telling me to just give his ticket to someone else (like who?!?!) because he’s tired, and the Mav’s are playing. I don’t know if there are circumstances where I wouldn’t be so angry… but as it was, I was boiling. I could feel my blood pressure shooting through the roof. After his behavior Tuesday (which was diffulcult to explain and I didn’t bother anaylzing) this was unacceptable. I told him he’d have to pay for the ticket – and reminded him that I had already spent an extra $200+ on the plane ticket for what would have been my trip out here to see the concerts.
I guess although I expected as much from him, I’m really disappointed. I’m disappointed by the complete lack of regard or respect. For how very little people around here value friendships. Well I guess I should edit that, to say friendships outside their comfy group.
I really hope that I’m wrong here. I’m really hoping that I had a bad week (although I wouldn’t label it as such) and that my perspective hence was way off.
So I ended up at 5pm asking Courtney if she wanted to go. She did and we had a good time. We all completely missed Jimmy Eat World (traffic was HORRID) but I had a good time. Met some new people… we all went to Bennigan’s (do we ever eat anywhere else?) after and had a good time. I think I’m going to have a “welcome me to texas party” so I can meet everyone’s extended friends. By golly, I think the girl’s got a plan! 😉
So conclusion? Weariness from the weeks events and trauma have left me in a state of contentment. Maybe I’ve reached the point of oblivion or something. Or maybe I’m just getting a little older, a little wiser, and little better at living life. All I can say is that I’m happy that after all of this, I’m still happy and in good mood.


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