Ohhh… its Fall!

I was excited this morning to wake up and find that it’s the second day in a row to herald forth the fall. I blush to admit that is because I’m so excited to get dressed! I rustled in my closet through stacks of jeans to find the perfect pair… my Ralph Lauren ones, snug to the hips and loose at the ankles… and a school girl shirt (thanks to Abercrombie & Fitch). I sleeve my feet in a pair of cotton socks and wiggle my toes, they being unfamiliar with the feeling. Finally I settle my newly socked feet into my Adias sneakers, they are oh so cute flaunting three pink stripes.

I know when I get to work I’ll add my sweatshirt jacket, and the heater under my desk will attempt to chase away the chill. Yes, it’s fall.


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