Random thoughts…

I suppose when your girlfriend smokes you no longer care about fresh breath?

I’m appalled by how many people nowadays have sex, and then express love. Seems you would prefer to fall in love, and then make love.

When I was younger my dad would tell me how when I got older I would have fewer friends, and they would mean less to me. Well I’m older, I have fewer friends, but they mean more to me.

I am frustrated by the lack of concern people hold to communication. If you ask for someone to return your call, shouldn’t you expect that to happen? No, we’re not talking customer service, we’re talking friendship.

Is it true you can trust, and depend on no one but yourself?

Why does it seem that all men are procrastinators? Is it in their genes?


Options for Indie Musicians

Unless musicians want to sell their music straight off their own websites ## which likely limits their exposure, depending on their existing fan base ## there aren’t many places to go.

CD Baby out of Portland, Oregon, offers one of the few attractive options.

Started by Derek Sivers in 1998, the company has paid out over $2 million to 25,000 musicians who sell their merchandise online. With little overhead and a small staff, the group handles about 600 sales a day. Those shipments are tracked, and every Monday Sivers sends out about $40,000 in checks. – Excerpt from Wired.com