Dinner, never alone…

So I used to take myself out to dinner all the time. I’ve never minded eating alone as long as I’m accompanied by a good book. I usually go to brunch every Sunday by myself.
For a while I had stopped doing so, as I had explained to Curt that I was inevitably get “bothered”. There is always a waiter, bus boy or fellow diner who feels the need to sweep me away from my loneliness as the knight and shining armor prince I must be seeking.
I’ve taken up the habit again, tired of fending for myself for dinner. Tonight I went to Cheddar’s, pleased to find the dining area fairly empty, and a female at the bar. Low and behold though there would be the guy who’d come around. Typical line. What are you reading? And tonight, what am I doing for Halloween, and I’m not going to just read a book and miss it all, am I? No, I don’t like Halloween at all. And he stumbles off at my awkward silence. He comes by to check on me, because we all know that I need more than a waitress to care for me.
I leave, and am actually kind of stunned when he follows me out of the restaurant. He wanted to know if I have a boyfriend… And to ask me to “do something, sometime”. I answered Yes to the boyfriend, and he suggested that I come back to see him at the restaurant. Now I can’t return to Cheddar’s without a companion. Nice.


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