The evil button

There’s an evil button in email: Reply All.

So we all got the invite for the Dallas end of year party, and were asked to RSVP. It’s December
6th, so I immediately reply that we can’t make it, we’ll be in Jamaica. Simple thing. Easy.

Doh. I had hit Reply All. The entire DFW office now knows about my plans, and one by one
I’m getting mentions of not sending a reply to everyone, and where am I going in Jamaica.

There should be a warning message… “Did you realize you hit the reply all button. Are you
REALLY sure you want to send this message to everyone in your office?” Even then the yes
button should be so tiny that you can’t find it without a magnifying glass, and “No” should be
practically screaming at you.

Oh well, I’ve finally been initiated into the world of the email idiots.
Side note… is it now my responsibility to respond to ever single person who’s writing me back?


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