A letter from a mother’s heart…

Remember your heart is treacherous who could know it? In all your ways take notice of him and he will set your paths straight. Why not make it
a matter of prayer long term ? Open up, maybe your not looking in the direction he has in mind for you.

How many times did I take you out in so many directions running errands when you were younger, but even though you didn’t know where we were going during that time you always where left feeling secure because you knew that it didn’t really matter, your mama would have you home and in bed that night, the place where you wanted to be. Because of your trust and reliance on that, you felt safe, even though you didn’t know where WE * were heading.

Back when I just had you kids I didn’t know what the future had in store for us. He always takes care of us before our destination, during and after. When the time is right we know it. If it is not right we know it.

Remember if something comes within our path if it is not totally in harmony with his ways, it could not be from him. (Don’t allow your heart to be your
map.) Then we are talking stumbling blocks and your road will always we bumpy. Then your stumbling block would dictate your future course rather
then the true map, gods word.

  • Even if I didn’t have you kids Ang, I think I still would have used that word in the plural sense. Can you? When you have Jehovah’s backing you are never alone. I am so thankful that I got to experience that one on one. That puts you in direct headship with Jehovah. What a privilege.

Even though you don’t have someone to talk back to you like a husband or a good friend could, he does a good job of taking care of us until he can make us complete within that family arrangement. An institution that he designed to make us happy. So he wants it for us just as much as we do. He wants us to be happy within it. He ain’t going to settle for less and neither should we.

May you be comforted by his love.



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