Oh, oh, oh, oh!

So I’ve waited this entire time for something to break, have stressed out on whether I should move (to Seattle) or not, and whether or not I could find an apartment, and one I can afford…

Well It’s Happened! Today the woman with the apartment I’ve had my eye on bowed to my wishes.

$725/mth for the top floor spacious one bedroom. And then I’m seeing another apartment later tonight, 700 sq. ft. huge for $700. Plus a month free, so I would pay $350 for January, and $350 for Febuary!

Both places are cat friendly. I’ll make my decision based upon the apartment I see tonight.

A sis from the hall, Shannon, is walking over with me, to provide an expert opinion.
Whooo hoo! Oh, and this one tonight, said I could have the keys today if I give my deposit…
So I’d actually live here already!


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