Wonderful Winter

So it’s snowing in Seattle. It’s a rarity. The weather is normally so warm compared to the mountains just 30 minutes to our east. But its snowing! Lovely fluffy flakes flurring down melting on contact.

So since I’m here I’ll update you on life. I’m happy. It’s so nice to be happy.
I interview with Microsoft on Monday (Visual Designer position, full time in Redmond). Meanwhile, on Tuesday, I start a shorttime contract position with the MSN.com team.
Musically, I’m in love. Norah Jones croons my heart away, and Ben Harper releases a new album on Tuesday.

Pardon me, I believe I’ll go take a walk in the snow down to the corner, to Starbucks. I think this is the perfect time for a hot cocoa. And maybe I’ll deliver a grande mocha to my sweetie.


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