Camping Dave Matthew tickets

So I hovered over, around, above and just beyond the computer waiting for 9 am to roll around. Outlook had an alarm set, I had even set my alarm clock to go off at 8:58, in case I had failed to note the time and needed to run to my desk.

9:00 am.
Ticketmaster takes a full 10 seconds later to release the tickets as “on sale”. First the page comes up “Find Tickets”… Click. … But it still says On sale at 9am… Go back. … Reload. There! Success!

9:01 am.
Tickets purchased and a gleeful smile on my face. I figure since I’m here I’ll go ahead and get my ticket for Coldplay, also playing the Gorge. It takes 6 minutes for the request to process and to pull up a “Confirm your purchase” page. I’m still waiting for the last page to load.

I love Dave Matthews.

9:11 am.
Coldplay/Sasquatch! Festival ticket purchase complete. I’m glad I was ready at 9 am… amazing what difference one minute makes!


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