amazing weekend

I had the most amazing weekend. Dave Matthews was great. Got there just to settle into our spot with friends right as they came on stage.
Decided spontaneously to stay and camp as had originally been the planned. Had nothing but me, and the clothes on my back. The group I was with was amazing, and so hospitable. I was spared a bikini from one of the girls, shorts from another, and sleeping bag and pillow from someone else. (Do you need anything else?)
I got to chat with a new girlfriend and we totally clicked. Talked non-stop for four hours on the way home, and pretty much have not stopped yet (besides a brief break to sleep). Can barely write this entry for being distracted! /eye Ashley
I have not had such a relaxing, low key, laid back and carefree weekend in years upon years. Its so refreshing to find that there are other people out there with similar thoughts, hopes, dreams and goals. “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.” x 2!


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