This morning I was just overwhelmed with the feeling of how much I love my life. Life is good. My mind spilled over with thoughts of appreciation of so many things.

I love my walk to the bus in the morning. Some mornings with the sky clear and blue, the air crisp and dry the mountains spilling into the water in the horizon set off by the Space Needle. And mornings where sleep lays in my bones, and the city responds with gray skys and mellow mood, damp air that revives me enough to make it to my next reprieve, resting eyes on the bus riding along to work.

I love my friends, the things we do, the life we all live. I’m never left wondering what I’m going to do some night, for a surplus of plans. I have friends who can feel me, who know me, who can read me, and are there for me. I have friends who need me.

I love my service to Jehovah, the joy it brings, the feeling of holy spirit upon you as struggle and fight to do his will. I love the organization provided to be a home as we come together in a brotherhood on the earth. I love the qualities we can almost take for granted in those we meet under that roof. I love that I can live thousands of miles from anyone who’s known me longer than a few months and yet never consider myself alone.

A beautiful bouquet of roses are opening their buds in display that stopped me in awe this morning. They are an amazing color of pink that just screams life as the world around quickly slips into fall. They sit on my counter next to my dying flowers that I bought from the market, and remind me once again that I am loved. Thank you for my flowers. 😉

I love that I am young, and my future is ahead of me. I love that I do not worry or fret over it. I love the head I have on my shoulders, I am very happy to be me. I love what I have to offer others, and love being able to use my abilities to give to others.

I love all those who have loved me, who have helped make me who I am. I love having memories to look back on and smile. I love having truly lived. I love knowing that I will carry that with me to each and every tomorrow, knowing that you each will too. I love all the lessons living and loving has brought me. I love who I have become.

I love what is yet to come, who I am yet to be.


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