Stone Cold, The Duece Project

Your eyes look empty
And lost in the sadness
Faking a smile, and it’s worse than the madness
I don’t need you, I’m a little bit stronger
You say, “It’s been a while”
It’s gonna be a while longer
I’ve never seen you like this before
You, asking me for more
There’s no going back to yesterday
But who would want to anyway?

You look really good my baby
I’m not gonna lie
We’ll take one minute and shed your skin
It will be the best thing in your life

Your heart’s stone cold, and you can’t feel nothin’
I wish what I got was enough to be lovin’
Your heart’s stone cold, won’t let nobody in there
Not much change, yeah, this song’s too familiar
Your heart’s stone cold, and it’s making me sadder
Just to think true love really didn’t even matter
Your heart’s stone cold, and nothing’s gonna change


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