To Do List

I came across my “To Do List” from 2000. I don’t think I’m doing so bad.

  • camping
  • bahama cruise
  • Ireland
  • Key West
  • chicken tetrazinni
  • Dave Matthews & a blanket
  • more rollerblading
  • cloud sky gazing
  • sailing
  • toe nails painted
  • live in foreign country (south america)
  • international building work
  • Vacation on an island in Maine camping
  • Missionary/Special Pioneer
  • Pioneer, together.

So I started this list with the thought of sharing the experiences with my best friend Ryan. Almost four years later I’ve completed a few more items and picked up a few more best friends along the way. The cool thing? It’s still the same list. All I think I’d add is what I plan on doing this winter: learn to snowboard! I’m working on the moving to South America… I started taking Spanish last week.

“I’m coming to so much more… Me.”


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