Worth reading again

“… I decided to quit dumping my time and energy into people that I knew would not reciprocate and put it into building my relationship with Jehovah.

He won’t ever leave you. Ever. And as you progress spiritually you find that Jehovah helps with the feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. At first I really felt alone when everything went to hell with my dear friends. I went out with a bunch of different groups, but I didn’t feel like I clicked with anyone. I ended up spending a whole lot of time and money on people, just to somehow feel a connection. Rather than continue on that cycle, I just made up my mind to befriend the one who will never leave.

My advice to you would be to exert yourself spiritually. You will find good friends that love you in our vast spiritual family. I promise you that.

Don’t worry about the social circles or not fitting in. Or thinking about how you don’t click with (insert name of person here). You will be fine, Jehovah will see to it. The trick is TRUSTING that he will see to it.” — Email from C(hris)G, August 06, 2003


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