Two weeks in review

The last two weeks have been hectic and crazy. First, I was interviewing for a permanent position with Microsoft. The interviewing was a total of 11 hours over three days. 9 hours straight on Friday, and then two one hour follow up interviews the next week. I didn’t get the offer.

I went to Vancouver for the weekend, and met a whole new circle of friends. We went out the first night, as soon as we got there, to a bar called the Foggy Dew. I loved it. Great crowd, allot of fun. Pal’ed around with Chelsa and Josh. Had four shots to get started, wish I could remember what the girls ordered, it was great. Tried, and actually liked, 1516 on draught. There was a creepy guy named Neil who was serially stealing kisses. He was pretty ingenious about it, because he always caught you by surprise, but after being accosted for the third time I prepared myself. I took and held a mouthful of Josh’s beer, and waited for his
attack. This time I leaned in (which I saw he hesitated at) and then spurt the beer at him! It was fantastic, right there in front of everyone. After that he left me alone, and went on to bother the other girls. Going out the next night was so-so. Loved Dairy Queen in Bellingham, and the road trip itself was a highlight.

Next, I shadowed a customer from the alpha program, my best friend, for the ASP.NET DevLab. Three days of presentations about the stuff I work with everyday. But we got to go to El Gaucho for dinner on Wednesday night, which was fantastic, and martini’s afterwards with a few of my co-workers at Marcus’. The next day I was a little worse for wear.

Oh, yeah, but that was because I forgot to mention the bomb scare on my doorstep. Yeah, come home late Tuesday night at about a quarter after 11, and there is a suspicious contraption sitting on my welcome mat. The bottom portion was approximately the dimensions of a family-sized Cheerio box in green metal. On top were three gray aluminum canisters the size of Absolute Citron bottles. Wires in with brown plastic insulation were haphazardly strung and hanging to and fro. The “bomb” was accompanied by a brown page
boy’s bag laying neatly to it’s side. From the looks of it, it was completely empty. After conferring with friends on what do with it (Ashley suggesting opening it up, “How could you not?!”) I called the police. They arrived in less than 10 minutes, and treated it with extreme caution. The floor above me was evacuated, and they told me to go away. An hour and a half later they call me to update me and to inform me that it was still not safe to return. Gee, thanks. A bit later they said I could come back home. The bomb squad had come,
scanned it and removed it to take it back to their lab for further testing. The book bag had been completely empty. The whole thing had been set on my doorstep (as opposed to simply discarded idly) as the cylinders on the box were not secured, and the bag would have been crumpled, rather than neatly set. Oh, well.

This past weekend was nice. However, uh, interesting. I went with Brandon and his crew to a sister’s graduation party. When they picked me up he came to the door, and seemed stunned by my appearance, and stammered something about my looking beautiful. I breezed by him and out the door. The party was interesting, though it dragged on at the end.

Driving back after, Brandon starts rambling out some kind of a confession/apology that he sabotaged my relationship with Ashley. He tells me about he told Ash repeatedly how he didn’t like us together, he didn’t like how I treated Ash, etc. Then he started interspersing in how it is that I’m completely different now, so much more laid back and relaxed. I told him perhaps he shouldn’t have judged me so harshly when he didn’t know me, and that I am more like myself now than I was when I first met “the whole group”. Although irritated that someone would put so much effort into affecting my relationship, I brushed it aside. I never really thought that there would be any way that Ashley would let someone’s opinion affect how he feels. But, last night close friends mentioned that he is actually heavily influenced by his friends and what they think. In the end I suppose it all doesn’t really matter — I would never want someone to like, or not like me, based on his friends feelings. I guess it does help to explain how we went from having so much fun and really seeming to click to not (or no longer?) being “his type”. Either way, it is a disappointing end wallowing in shallowness.
[Paragraph removed]

Last night was dinner with Chad and Emily. I made fresh tortellini and ravioli with sauce, rolls and we made cookies later. I love hanging with them. Every time they come over we end up relaxing for 6 hours straight, and it’s only the wee hours of the morning that urge them out of the door. Chad gave me my first snowboarding lesson, and we’re all going on Sunday to Steven’s Pass (my first time!!!). We had such a blast last night. The wine he brought was fantastic, and we goofed off and finally got his business card made. We chatted about everything under the sun, and back again. They are such an amazing couple, and their
relationship is what a marriage should be like. “Love is friendship set on fire.” On a sad note, it seems as though Chad had been excited about the prospect of my dating Ash and us all being able to hang out together – but his disappointment seems to have faded. It’s amazing how we all meld so well together, even so, as three is usually crowd. As usual we promised to do it again sooner than the month or more that’s passed since the last time.

I struggled to wake up this morning, to crawl out of bed and to class. I most assuredly failed my Spanish exam, the discouragement of taking it while not having a clue gave me a passing thought of collapsing into tears. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself, but these are my dreams and goals after all.

I turn 24 on Monday. “I think we’re safest when we look forward to a future. When we look ahead, and strive and hope. Maybe that’s just what endurance is all about. Consider it all joy… “


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