I turned 24 today!

Went snowboarding for the first time on Thanksgiving at Steven’s Pass. Went up with Chelsa, Ashley, Kim, Jared and Mike. Will insert pics later when I get them. I went to Baker on Sunday with Chad, Emily, Alyssa and Derrick. The mountain was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Alyssa and I sat on the side of the mountain for five minutes relaxing, not another person anywhere in site. I’ve never experienced anything quite like that. I love snowboarding! Chad fixed my bindings and I picked it up so much faster after lunch. I actually can manage myself now!

On Friday night I had dinner with Chelsa’s family and friends, and then we all went to Mercer Island to hang out in the jacuzzi. Was nice relaxing with friends, and inciting spiritually minded conversation. Saturday was the Tree House work party over at the Haugen’s. Chris Greer ended up showing up to save the day with the power in the tree house. Dinner was fantastic there too. It was like being apart of the Walton’s family or something! I love how warm and accepting people are around here. I was expecting to be blue this weekend – missing my family, and home… but I was never given the chance to think about it!

Now what to do with my 24th year? Need to set a few goals. My already in place ones are:

  • Start pioneering 2004 service year
  • Immerse myself in spanish-speaking country for three months in spring to learn the language, and “ramp up” for pioneering
  • Go to Greece for holiday with Chelsa
  • Get good at snowboarding

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