Pampering, and other stuff.

I’ve been working on paying off debt for so long that it’s been forever since I’ve done anything, or bought anything, for myself. My wardrobe meanwhile has fallen in shambles, and I haven’t been pampered in so long! Well no more.

Saturday and Sunday, I went shopping and (picky me!) I only came home with only two shirts, a pair of jeans, and a couple necklaces. But I love the few things I got! Last night I went to a traditional Balinese spa, Salon Dewi to get my brows done. (Dinner at Machiavelli’s, followed by dessert at Dilatante’s, with a friend made the evening simply divine!) I also made an appointment on Sunday for a full facial & massage. (I’m tired of my skin wigging out from the new enviroment, or whatever.) Lastly, I need to give Ellie a call and see when she can do my hair again. Taking care of yourself is underrated.

On another note I’ve really got to get my schedule together. In all honesty, I could be doing so much better in Spanish class. And I could probably be a whole lot more relaxed. In reality though, I do something every night of the week. Sunday’s aren’t even mine anymore. (Yeah, I missed Alias, again!) Monday is usually dinner with a friend, Tuesday bookstudy, Wednesday dinner with friends, or hanging out w/ the Redmond crowd. Thursday meeting and ususally something after (Salsa, Peso’s, Paragon, dinner, etc.) and Friday starts the weekend (and I’d love to start going to the Spanish bookstudy). Instead I need to be staying home most nights, Monday through Thursday: Go home, do spanish homework, study my (meeting) lesson, pick up dinner, shower and relax. I am so much looking forward to a two week break from class, and plan on trying to get on a good schedule of going to bed at 10pm each night.

On other stuff… I talked to Jared on the way home from Carl & Candace’s the other night. That was cool. I think it’s so awesome to have two people that I share such common goals with. We ended up chatting for nearly an hour about everything from accelarated learning classes the society has for foriegn language (one brother knows 62 languages!) to goals and motivation factors, etc. Very cool conversation. As far as B. Didhe (names changed to protect the innocent) goes, I forgot all about the poem he gave me, and put on my refrigerator. He called last night, to apologize yet again. Maybe I’m kinda of a wimp, but I honestly think I’m going to just lay low and hope everything just resolves itself.

Finally, both Kim and Jared mentioned snowboarding tomorrow. I told Jared how it is that I never know whether or not people are inviting you, or just chatting around here. He said just to kind of go with it. Any other time I’d probably go (yeah, I know, not the most responsible thing to do) but, I’m pretty sure Ash is going and he could use some space to just relax with his friends. Besides I might go Saturday.


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