A long weekend…

Had a good weekend, surrounded by good friends every moment. Friday, Samy and I chatted all day. Friday night Chelsa and I had girls night out. Went shopping, dinner at Mike’s Oyster Bar sitting at the bar (I have a few quotes to include from that), and finally we caught a “chick flick”.

Stayed at Chelsa’s Friday night where she spent an hour showing me more photos. We finally knocked out at 3:30am or so. Saturday we were lazy and ate brunch at the Acropolis Cafe in Kirkland. I left Chelsa’s at about 3:30 and we decided to meet at my place at 5 or so. I got home and Samy sent me a message, so I chatted with him for a few minutes before Chelsa showed up. Then they talked the rest of the time until he could no longer keep his eyes open. She was flirting with him “for me”. Quite embarassing really.

Adam and Brandon came over and we went off to dinner, would have been romantic if it were that kind of thing. We picked up a video and the four of us sprawled out relaxing and watching it. It was Two Weeks Notice, and a pretty weak movie in my opinion. Chelsa stayed the night.

Sunday we were both running late, and bolted from the apartment slightly shy of 10am. (I’m so happy we had all studied our WT on Wednesday!) After the meeting I goofed off with Chris and Sheryl and then Sheryl and I went to lunch. We girl talked about stuff I’m up to and recent changes in the wind. She’s my sanity check point.

Was late for my facial, but it was absolutely fabulous and she gave me a full hour anyway. Afterwards I went home and tried to claim a few minutes to ground myself before dinner. Brandon ended up coming anyway, and the Cactus was great. It’s been so long since I’ve hung out with Ashley, and it was nice to meet a few new people.

After everyone came over to my place, and we just relaxed. One by one they left, and Jeff stayed until the wee hours in the morning helping me cram for my exam. I woke up late the next morning and got to class 10 minutes late. It seems everything I studied for wasn’t even on the exam. I’m fairly sure I failed it. Came back to the house and crashed sleeping for a few more hours. Jeff came back, and we both played hookie for the day. Had breakfast at Glo’s (yeah!). Then we went downtown shopping for a shirt for my party. I tried on all kinds of cute and outrageous shirts and dresses from Betsey Johnson’s. I was surprised by how good some of the stuff he picked out looked on me. We wander in and out of Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters, but short on sleep that’s all our attention span could handle. We decided to dye my hair for the party, and went to pick out a color. He did a good job of putting it in, but a spot was missed. So I had to sit still another 15 minutes for the touch-up job. I’m happy with the color, although it’s a harsh reality missing my golden hair. This is definately just a winter thing. We ordered Thai delivery, and watched another movie. The movie was over at around 11, but I had already been drifting in and out of sleep. Jeff left to go over to Abra’s, she had called several time throughout the day.

Climbing into bed was so nice, I was falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. As I closed my eyes I realized that this was the first time in more than 72 hours I had been alone. And that’s all she wrote.


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