I love the Spring!

I had a wonderful time this weekend. Friday night, I worked late but then caught up with Dabryn to hang out. We checked out the local White Center Tavern where I shot pool with a bum who called himself “Moses”. Then I lost to Todd in a close game. The place was a trip. They really should call the place the White Trash (and Friends) Tavern. We left there to go check out a club called T21. Dabryn said he’d been there before, and thought the music should be pretty good. He left out two things… he’d been there responding to calls (he’s a firefighter, and is first response) and that no one would be speaking our language. It turned out to be a blast. A live band (with several horns) played salsa and meringue and we did our best to mimic other couples dance moves. An old guy asked Dabryn if he could dance with me, and I reluctantly agreed. Lesson learned, bad idea. Once you say yes once, there are two more lined up to ask.

Saturday I woke up to Jared calling at 9:06am. He was on his way to the meeting for field service, and I’m so glad he called otherwise I would have been late myself. That left me with enough time to get dressed and make it to Starbucks for my customary morning tea before the meeting at 9:30. Service was nice, it was such a beautiful day to be doing door-to-door. I spoke to only one person though. Oh, and a kid.

After service I set out to Alki alone, stopping at Half Price books around the corner for a new paperback to read. At about 3:30 Jess and Tatia joined me, and Chelsa and Annie showed up briefly a bit later. I know the sun is bad for you, but I so love laying out in it! We gathered up our stuff to head over to Jenny’s for a BBQ. We BBQ’ed and watched movies on a projector screen in the backyard. The highlight of that night though was running into a guy I had apparently met already… His name is Jens. (Pronounced Yens, but no one else knows that.) It was one of those things where you recognize someone as being familiar but can’t quite place it. Later he figured out that we had met at Adam’s super bowl party. I cringed when I realized that was the day Brandon had tried to drape himself over me the whole time. Anyway, he’s cute, 27 or 28 years old, and laid back. When I asked Chelsa about him found out he’s also been to the D.R.! I gave him my number (I was so subtle… I put it in his phone under “Call me”.) and he called immediately, so I saved his too. I ended up staying at Jess’ that night.

Sunday morning woke up early at 7:30am to race home, I had the pioneer breakfast at Zena’s house at 8. I was the first there and everyone else was late. I kind of figured breakfast was so early so that we could eat and then go in service, so I was worried because I hadn’t had time to stop at home and get dressed. So I was relieved when I showed up and she was in jeans. Breakfast was nice. TJ and his wife, Clay, Tara & Derek Scott, and Zena and I. We laughed so much.

After the meeting before I could even make it out of the hall Jess was calling me. We had agreed to do the beach again the day before, and she was already out there waiting on me. Tatia and another girl from Marysville were there too. I hurried down after grabbing my swimsuit and towel, but it took an hour to get there with the traffic on Alki. The girls started teasing me about Jens saying that they know we’re going to get married. (Ack!) I had just talked to him very casually for a couple of minutes, so their comments kind of unnerved me. I wondered what they had been talking about before I got there. I do feel slightly guilty being interested in a guy, meanwhile not thinking the least bit about getting married right now. (Disclaimer: I do not date for fun, I just don’t have any reason to think about getting married anytime soon.) Tatia and her friend left at 4 to head home, and Jess and I lazed around until after 6. We were hungry and went in search for food, ended up inviting ourselves over to Dabryn’s and he made us dinner. (REALLY GOOD.) Jess called Jens to see what he was up to. (Side note: it’s so nice when you don’t have to worry about a friend embarassing you!) She invited him over, but by the end of the night I was falling asleep on my couch in the middle of ALIAS. She left halfway through since she was falling asleep too. I collapsed in bed after the show and was out like a light.

Such a nice weekend! Oh, woke up this morning to text messages from Dabryn, and Jens… and to find out I had missed plans to go shopping with a guy friend. Oops, I had totally forgotten. So I need to go shopping, and we’re supposed to go to a movie with Jens, and there’s a concert on Wednesday, and this weekend is Devan and Daniel’s wedding. The week is completely booked already!


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