For me…

If you could see inside my heart,
this cold November day,
you’d feel how much I care for you
in my own special way.
We fell into a romance,
somewhere in the past,
but now we share a friendship,
that I hope will always last.
When life and all its chaos,
comes to drag you to the ground,
I want to be the gentle touch,
that speaks without a sound,
to tell you that I’m here for you,
to listen as you speak,
and then to lay a loving kiss,
so sweetly on your cheek.
I’m not always that caring,
sometimes I really ache,
but do not think my love is wearing,
it’s just not always that opaque.
If you could climb within my heart,
my arms are open wide,
reaching out so tenderly,
for your own little place inside.

reach out please,
touch my outstretched fingertips
oh, but for that tiny touch
that connection
the two of us
reach out please,
and hold my heart
it trembles and quivers
always desperate to know
that it is claimed by you
reach out please,
taste my kiss
know my lips long
to dance with yours
to a melody from our souls
reach out
my love is for you
slight solace i find
some small piece of mind
leaving myself in verses
to tumble across your mind
your heart
in hopes that they might find
that i might find
their home
my home
until once again
i am in your arms again
i love you.

I Thank God Every Day
I thank God every day
That he blessed my life with you
You make me feel special
You’re a dream come true
You’re an unbelievable person
You amaze me more every day
Whether it be with the things you do
Or with the things you say
You complete my life
With every breath you take
And I love you more every day
For each and every mistake
You’re perfect in my eyes
And you prove that more with every kiss
I don’t know what I’d do without you
There’s so much that I’d miss
I thank God every day
That he gave me you to love
He sent you as my angel,
Angel from above

I miss waking up next to you.
I miss holding you in my poison arms.
I miss putting a smile on your face.

Oh what I would do to have you to come home to everyday.
Everyday would be a blessing.


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