After more than six years of wearing a belly button ring, the first of August I removed it. The simple action seems to symbolize the conclusion of transformation I have been undergoing for the past few months. The metamorphosis is not yet complete, but close.

A few months ago I reverted to my maiden name, Baxley. At once that seemed to instill a renewed sense of self and personal esteem.

Rather than feeling the need to appeal to the (younger) generation that surrounds me, I have taken a stand to cultivate the values, morals, and ideals that should be respected in my home requiring them of anyone who crosses my threshold.

After a pep talk from a co-worker, I now have a plan to take control of the “To Do” list that haunts me… systematically completing items on the list (completing edits of client’s sites, migrating servers, set up of business, etc.) and not allowing them to be replaced by new items. This should release some of the ever present burden I feel weighing down on both my shoulders and my free time.

Although I love my congregation, I am going to visit congregation who’s territory I belong to with the thought of moving. This simplification should allow me to enter the proper mindset before meetings, rather than rushing, and avail myself of more time for personal study, as well as impromptu service.

Lastly, I have started riding my bike, each ride being approximately 12 miles. I hope to ride to work on a regular basis, as long as the weather allows. My violin has also just arrived… Between biking and playing I finally have a place to exersize both my mind and body.