So I’m not quite sure what to do. I can’t just get the ticket refunded (they don’t do that here). I have to pay $200 to cancel and exchange it, and the ticket I exchange it for has to be a non-refundable, equal price or more expensive on top of the $200 fee. i.e. Going to cost at least a $1000. Or I can just forfeit the ticket and lose the money, and go no where for my vacation.

I’m pretty upset, because this stupid. How ever it is he was feeling, he knew about it enough in advance than to give me less than a weeks notice to figure this out. I don’t understand the world where you can just make decisions like that with such huge affects, and seemingly not care about the consequences.

I guess I learned a lesson, and one I won’t forget.


Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

  1. Today the season of youth blossomed for me. I want the wine that brings all pleasure. Don’t blame me… wine enchants me. It’s bitter because it tastes like my life.

  2. Drink wine.. it’s what remains of the harvest of youth – the season of roses and wine and drunken friends. Be happy for a moment, that moment’s your life.

  3. Be prudent – fortune is uncertain and the wine of destiny is always bitter. If fate puts sweet morsels in your mouth, don’t swallow them; they’re laced with poison.

  4. Like water in a stream, or wind across the desert, another day of your life passes. One sorrow never comes to mind – that of two days: the day to come, and the day that passed.

  5. Don’t waste your time on sorrows, be festive. In the face of injustice, be the example of justice. Since the end of this world is nothingness, imagine you don’t exist and be free.

  6. No-one can pass behind the curtain of secrets; no-one knows what’s under the surface. There’s no asylum except in the heart of the earth. Drink wine, these illusions are endless.

  7. Drink wine because you’ll sleep for a long time under this earth… without friends, comrades, women. Grow old never telling this secret to anyone: withered flowers never blossom again.

  8. Since nothing assures us of tomorrow, change your love-sick heart into a happy one. In the light of the astral moon, drink wine… We could look for it tomorrow and never see it again.

  9. Woe to the heart that beats without passion, that isn’t charmed by love, the joy of the heart… Everyday you spend without love? It’s not worth the sun that shines for you, or the moon that consoles you.

  10. To speak clearly and without parables, we’re pieces in the game played by fate. It’s amused with our moves on the chessboard of being, and then we return, one-by-one, into the box of nothingness.

  11. Everything that will be, was written. The tireless pen writes without worrying about good or bad. The first day it decided what will be, and our pain and efforts are in vain.

  12. Today, tomorrow is beyond you, and your anxiety over it is useless. If your heart isn’t momentarily deranged, you don’t even worry about the present. Do you know what the rest of your days are worth?

  13. Limit your desires for the things of the world and live at ease. Detach yourself from the good and bad around you. Lift a cup to your lover’s lips, for soon these days will pass.

  14. Everyone who waters the plant of love never wastes a day of their lives. And that’s if they submit to the will of God, or if they desire physical pleasure and raise the glass.



I haven’t written in so long, it seems that there hasn’t been much to say. Now that life once again seems to be at a turning point, words tumble through my mind.

All any of us want is to be loved and cared for. To belong and be safe. A place to call home, and someone to hold our heart.

It seemed as though I came close, that maybe I could believe. But what is it that makes it so hard to hold on, to be true, to just be?

Dreams fade so quickly.

There are moments. A moment you catch eyes. A moment you share. A moment when the world seems to pass. There moments past, moments gone, moments past.

Who knows the value of what we trade. The choices we make, the consequences.

Oh just to be loved. To be wanted. To be kept.