Phantom of the Bayou

I don’t really understand. Christian hasn’t called me back since his original phone call on Wednesday. It’s now Friday. I wonder why he would have called originally if he didn’t intend on keeping up with each other. Then I wonder if I am too eager, and just need to relax… It’s just Friday.

I wonder if there really is a wife back home. Or perhaps a girlfriend. Maybe he went home and broke the promise, and hence is now shying away. Thing is, I would just love to have him as a friend if nothing else. An amazing person, an honest to goodness “Good Guy” as Eilon labelled him. A great father, slightly wiser and more mature than myself… he’s got some of what I’m working on figured out. Not judgemental, open minded and happy.

He motivated me to weather the storm and face it head on. In the same boat together it would be nice to have that kind of a person supporting you, and to be able to do the same for someone else.

I just don’t get it.

I hope in a day or so I look at this post and laugh at myself for being so wrapped up. And I hope he’ll laugh at me for waiting by the phone, nearly holding my breath. At least he should be happy to be the first person to put me in that position.

If not, it was a shooting star that sparkled but for a brief moment, and then faded. Who would have thought there were stars in New Orleans?


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