Australia Day

Today is Australia Day, and a co-worker brought in meat pies. Yum! I love it.

I’ve been in a good mood lately. Christian and I have been talking regularly, and I’m thrilled to have such a valuable new friend.

I’ve been going to the gym, although still not as regularly or working out as prescribed, but it’s a start. I’m thinking about getting an elliptical machine for home, to be able to be active when normally I’d be sitting around or something. I’ve started watching what I eat a little closer, and keeping an eye on calories. Thankfully this should only be for about a month or so, just until I lose these extra 10 pounds I’ve put on by being a lazy Micro-soft-ie.

My classes are going pretty well. I’m not really keeping up with the reading material so well, but I am getting into the study guides and the meat of what I’m supposed to be learning. Hopefully this will be a successful means of completing the class. I think next quarter I’ll just take one class. Maybe if I do that, and it’s not much of a burden, I’ll really finish this degree up one day.


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