My Happy Future

I’ve been thinking about my happy future lately. What do I want? Where am I going?

I have pretty much all I could desire finacially or materially right now. I have a beautiful home in a beautiful and desirable area. I have a nice car that I enjoy driving. I travel to exciting places and cities: Maui, Greece, Italy, France, New Orleans, Tahoe, etc. I pamper myself with little luxuries like having my eyebrows and toes done each month, massages every other week. I have started working out, 6 days a week, once a week with a personal trainer.

So what do I want for my future? I picture a fulfilling relationship, one day getting married. Sharing friendships with other couples, making dinner and finally having a reason for opening those bottles of wine I lugged home through Italy and France. I picture my husband being spiritually driven, reaching out to be an elder, eager to pursure varied spiritual interests. If we are to bring kids into this imperfect and failing world, then I want them to be a product of our amazing overwhelming love. I want us to pour all our energy into raising two amazing kids that grow up to be spiritually strong and stable and have every opportunity we never achieved ourselves. Somewhere in all that is living in (probably) yet another amazing and beautiful city in a beautiful home. Travelling to even more distant and thrilling places, exploring the wonders of our world.

That’s my happy future.


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