Seeds of Compassion

Dave and Tim played a benefit show at the Key Arena, Seattle, WA on April 11th for Seeds of Compassion. Before the show Dave interviewed the Dalai Lama. He about his nervousness during the interview, “Everyone told me to be myself, and myself was nervous!” Death Cab for Cutie opened for the pair, a surprise to all in the crowd as they were a last minute addition.

The show was incredibly special… I was just so overwhelmed by “Sister”. With no tapers for the show, I went out immediately to get Dave & Tim Live at Radio City to preserve the magic.

Honestly, I’m sitting here trying to think of how to express the emotion of this experience, to share it. I just can’t. It will live forever, cherished, in my memory. My experience, my own, untouched and unshared.

Set lists (and tweets) below…

Death Cab for Cutie

405 : “405. you keep twisting the truth”

Your Heart Is An Empty Room : “and all u see is what else you could be”

Photobooth : “i remember when you took so long. foolish attempts”

Talking Bird : from new album “Narrow Stairs”

Title and Registration : “of your tail lights fading” (ry knows)

Brothers on a Hotel Bed : “u may tire of me, dec sun”

Soul Meets Body : “sun wrap its arms around me”

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds


Old Dirt Hill

So Damn Lucky : “Oh my God, wait and see What will soon become of me?”

Stay or Leave : “Stay or leave, I warned you not to go, but you did.” … “What day is this besides the day you left me? What to do with rest of the afternoon?”

Save Me

Cry Freedom : “The future is no place to place your better days.”

Gravedigger : “Gravedigger, when you did my grave, could you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain?”

You Are My Sanity (Tim Solo)

The Maker


Corn Bread : “Makes you want to run around naked because you know it looks good on you…”

Some Devil : “One last kiss… and then I’ll let you go… Some devil, some angel… you said always and forever…”

Everyday : “Honey, honey…”

Where Are You Going : “Where are you going…?”

Eh Hee

Dancing Nancies : “Could I have been…???”

Encore: Lie In Our Graves : “Would you not like to be sittin on top of the world with your legs hanging free?!”


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