Full Screen iPhone Images (via the free Ensoul for Mac by Macpaw)

Full Screen Size Images for Contacts on iPhone

Update 6.2010: I’m testing out Ensoul for Mac by Macpaw, a free download, for full screen iPhone contacts and more!

I set images for a few of my contacts using MobileMe’s web interface (www.me.com). I was terribly disappointed to see that they showed up as just tiny thumbnails in the top right corner! Where were the full screen sized gorgeous photos like on the commercial?!

A little digging and I figured it out. Find the glamorous photos of each of your friends (from sites like Flickr or your own personal collection) and then follow the instructions below.

How to get Full Screen Size Photos for iPhone Contacts

Full sized images come from assigning a photo to a contact on the iPhone. To do this…

  • In iPhoto set up a new album. I named mine “Contacts”. In this album put all the photos you’d like to use for your contacts. I suggest 1200×1600 sized photos because that’s what the iPhone photos are (so you’ll get a consistent experience).
  • In iTunes, sync this album to your iPhone.
  • On the iPhone, go to Photos, and select a photo and push the button on the bottom left of the screen. Select “Assign to Contact”.

After you’re finished assigning the image to the contact, you can remove (by not syncing the image/album through iTunes) the photo while it still leaves your contact image intact.

…or, if you’d prefer…

Small Thumbnail Photos for Contacts

To have just thumbnails, set up all your images for contacts using your email client on the Mac, or the MobileMe website.

From Small to Full Size Contact Photos in iPhone

What if you have small thumbnails from syncing from Outlook or MobileMe and you want to make them big? Easy—well sort of, it’s one-by-one!—you just have edit each iPhone contact by following these steps…

  1. Go to “Edit” the contact
  2. Tap on the contact’s photo
  3. Tap “Edit Photo”
  4. Tap “Set Photo”
  5. Tap “Done”

2 thoughts on “Full Screen Size Images for Contacts on iPhone”

  1. rutinerad says:

    Easier than using MobileMe or the Mail client is setting the contacts thumbnails in Address Book, if you have a Mac. Just drag or paste the photo from anywhere, and you can resize it in Address Book.

  2. mcscrufff says:

    I have done many experiments and found that there are a greater number of subtleties in setting small-size or full-screen phonecall alert photos on the iPhone. See my notes below and choose the ones relevant to you.

    I wanted **LARGE* phonecall alert contact photos when receiving phonecalls on my iPhone. Some tips on how to achieve this …

    .The contact photo size must be greater than or equal to 320x320Px for display in FULL-SCREEN size in the iPhone call alert. To achieve phonecall alert photos, lower resolution contact photos can be re-sized to 320x320px (or greater) by a photo editor (e.g. Microsoft Office photo editor). Alternatively, to achieve small-size alert photos, higher resolution contact photos can be re-sized to less than 320x320px by a photo editor.

    .iCloud automatically crops contact photos to square (aspect ratio 1:1). Sometimes this cropping produces undesired results. To ensure desired results, crop the photo to square **BEFORE** uploading to iCloud.

    .The large-size iPhone alert images use the contact photo with both **SIDES** significantly cropped to match the iPhone display aspect ratio (4:3 for iPhone 4/4S and 16:9 for iPhone 5). To avoid undesired cropping of a face or other image, allow plenty of space to the left & right of the required image in the contact photo.

    .If the contact photo is input in Outlook, the size is reduced to below 320×320 during the upload from Outlook to iCloud resulting in the iPhone phonecall alert photo being small. So, the photo must be entered in iCloud (or on the iPhone). Outlook contacts **TEXT** edits do not affect the iCloud photo size when they are uploaded during a refresh exercise.

    .The Outlook 2010 ‘Contact Cards’ display (showing multiple contacts) doesn’t automatically update a contact photo when it is updated from iCloud. The **INDIVIDUAL** Outlook contact must be open when the iCloud contact is updated, then closed, then reopened to see the updated Outlook contact photo. If the Outlook 2010 ‘Contact Cards’ display (showing multiple contacts) is not updated, copy & paste the contact. The newly pasted Outlook 2010 contact should have the photo updated. Then delete the old Outlook 2010 contact.

    .If a contact photo is edited in Adobe Photoshop, it seems to display on the iPhone in small format even when the size is greater than or equal to 320x320px. A solution is to open the photo in the Microsoft Office photo editor, resize it by 200%, save it, resize it by 50% (back to original size), then save it again.

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