Yahoo! T-Shirt Culture

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In Seattle, buried deep under my bed in boxes long ago forgotten, lives a huge stash of t-shirts from Microsoft. T-shirt that promote teams and products and conferences. Some are so large that I can’t even bother to try to wear them as night shirts. And they are buried under my bed.

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My first weeks at Yahoo! I was surprised by the pervasive branded t-shirt culture. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was surprising… I mean, come on, I came from the land of geeks where all they wear are branded (read: free) t-shirts. What was so unique here?

The other day it hit me…

One, these t-shirt are well designed.

Two, people wear them because they want to–because they are proud–not because they’re free t-shirts.

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I wonder if this reflects how people feel about the teams or products they work on at Yahoo, or if it’s more about them being well designed t-shirts which are actually appealing?


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